JIT: Just In Time / Douki Seisan sequencing

  • Solving mixed model sequencing problem in assembly lines with serial workstations with work overload minimisation and interruption rules



Joaquin Bautista1 and Alberto Cano1


1 UPC - Nissan Chair


In this manuscript, we present a formulation for the MMSP-W (Mixed model sequencing problem with workload minimisation) for production lines with serial workstations. We demonstrate the validity of the basic models in the presence of a control system on the production line that allows the stopping of operations with no restrictions. We propose an extension of the basic models that allows conditioned interruption of operations to facilitate line management. We then propose a procedure to solve the proposed problem through BDP (Bounded Dynamic Programming), and demonstrate its validity through a computational experiment with reference instances and a case study linked to the Nissan powertrain plant in Barcelona.

Nissan-9ENG processing times and demand plans

Processing times for products in stations. Download here


Nissan-9ENG instances and demand plans. Download here


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