JIT: Just In Time / Douki Seisan sequencing

  • A Scatter Search based Hyper-heuristic for Sequencing a Mixed-Model Assembly Line



Jaime Cano-Belmán2, Roger Z. Ríos-Mercado2 and Joaquín Bautista1


1 UPC - Nissan Chair

2 Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (Mexico)


We address a mixed-model assembly-line sequencing problem with work overload minimization criteria. We consider time windows in work stations of the assembly line (closed stations) and different versions of a product to be assembled in the line, which require different processing time according to the work required in each work station. In a paced assembly line, products are feeded in the line at a predetermined constant rate (cycle time). Then, if many products with processing time greater than cycle time are feeded consecutively, work overload can be produced when the worker has insuffient time to finish his/her job. We propose a scatter search based hyper-heuristic for this NP-hard problem. In the low-level, the procedure makes use of priority rules through a constructive procedure. Computational experiments over a wide range of instances from the literature show the effectiveness of the proposed hyper-heuristics when compared to existing heuristics. The relevance of the priority rules was evaluated as well.

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